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our generations

Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, & the Sharing Economy

About Me


Building Connections

After working in business automation for the past decade, I dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to conferences around the world. My passion was found in educating individuals about the most disruptive industry sweeping the planet and how to participate.


A Philosophy for the Future

As big business evolves we can see the world is divided into producers and consumers. The new digital economy blends the line of being one or the other and now we have the chance to become both by participating and reaping the benefits. Decentralization is at its finest and we all begin to win.


Workshops and Keynotes

As a keynote speaker and award-winning innovator, I will bring new paradigms, ideas, and connection to your next event. Contact me to discuss designing a workshop or presentation that fits your needs today.

Current Projects

image30 is the easiest way to learn about buying, selling, trading & using cryptocurrency on the net.  

With click by click tutorials you can watch again and again at your own pace you can go as far as you want to.



Join us at HELLO WORLD show where your education begins on how digital money is affecting the global economy and how the new way of doings things requires you to make it possible.



Tune into CRYPTOCO$M Show where we discuss the astrological phenomena and its impacts on our changing world of government , economy and money. We'll also keep you up to date on the latest tech and breakthrough news in cryptocurrency.


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